Current and Past Grants (2001-to date received 52 sponsored projects - PI in majority of them)

  1. Feasibility study on an optically-triggered WBG FET, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, 2020
  2. Multilevel cybersecurity for photovoltaic systems, Department of Energy (Lead: U. of Arkansas), 2020-2023
  3. Experimental validation of a power-electronic converter, NextWatt LLC, 2020-2021
  4. CPS: Autonomous attainment of tissue-centricity in electrosurgery through data-driven persistently evolving thermogeometric adaptivity, National Institute of Health (Lead: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), 2019-2022
  5. Integrated GaN FET based high density on board EV charger, National Science Foundation (Lead: Tagore Tech), 2019-2020
  6. Education gift for Electrical power system analysis and operation software ETAP, 2018-to date
  7. Universal battery supercharger, Advanced Research Project Agency-Energy (ARPA-E), 2017-2020
  8. A reliable, cost-effective transformer-less MV inverter for grid integration of combined solar and energy storage, Department of Energy (Lead: U. of Arkansas), 2018-2021
  9. CPS: Breakthrough: Collaborative research: Transactive control of smart railway grid, National Science Foundation, 2017-2021
  10. Control of next generation naval wide-bandgap power-electronic systems using predictive switching sequences and switching transitions, Office of Naval Research, 2017-2021
  11. A modular and flexible high-frequency-link transformer with reduced device count and zero high-side devices, Department of Energy, 2017-2018
  12. High-voltage optically-activated wide-bandgap rapid fault isolation device, National Science Foundation, 2015-2021
  13. GaN for high rep rate pulsed power, Department of Defense (Kyma Technologies flow through), 2015
  14. Differential-mode high-frequency GaN-on-Si PV microinverter, National Science Foundation, 2015-2016
  15. Wide-bandgap optical emitter turn-off (ETO) thyristor, University of Illinois, Chicago Chancellor Innovation fund, 2015-2017
  16. Optically-switched 15-kV SiC single-bias high-frequency thyristor, Advanced Research Project Agency for Energy (Silicon Power flow-through), 2013-2014
  17. Multi-scale hybrid modeling based fast component/system reliability assessment analytical tool for EAU buffered aircraft power system, Department of Defense, 2013
  18. A Lyapunov function based remedial action screening tool using real-time data, Department of Energy (Michigan State University flow-through), 2012-2015
  19. CPS: Synergy: Collaborative research: Boolean microgrid, National Science Foundation, 2012-2017
  20. Novel optically-activated high-voltage and single-bias wide-bandgap high-frequency thyristor for next-generation smart grid, National Science Foundation, 2012-2017
  21. Planar, low switching loss bulk InAlN/GaN based HEMTs for power conversion applications, Department of Defense, 2012
  22. Robust ENFONET: confluence of energy distribution and information networks, University of Illinois, Chicago (Area of Excellence Grant), 2012-2013
  23. Agent based distributed control framework for next generation ships, Office of Naval Research, 2011-2012
  24. GOALIE: Optically modulated switching transition and switching sequence based power electronics control for next-generation power systems, National Science Foundation, 2010-2013
  25. Universal, programmable and affordable power technologies for underwater vehicles, Naval Surface Warfare Center, 2009-2012
  26. Distributed smart control and health management framework for next generation electric ships, Department of Defense (flow through Intelligent Automation Inc.), 2010
  27. Monolithic silicon carbide anode switched thyristor for medium voltage power conversion, Advanced Research Project Agency-Energy (ARPA-E), 2010. Project awarded but no funding received due to budget cut.
  28. Photonically-controlled SiC based device technology for power electronic applications, Department of Defense (flow through Arkansas Power Electronics International currently Cree/Wolfspeed), 2009
  29. Development of an accelerated life test for wide-bandgap (SiC) HEV/PHEV power conversion modules, Department of Energy (flow through GeneSiC Semiconductor Inc.), 2009-2010
  30. Optically-controlled wide-bandgap power electronics, Office of Naval Research, 2008-2010
  31. A high performance real-time simulation system for multiscale analysis of advanced power and control networks and hardware-in-the-loop testing, Office of Naval Research, 2008-2009
  32. High power density, high efficiency, fast transient response silicon carbide (SiC)-based power supplies for the next generation radars, Department of Defense (flow through Arkansas Power Electronics International currently Cree/Wolfspeed), 2008-2009
  33. Optically-gated high-power solid-state switch (SiC-OGHSS) for pulsed-power application, Department of Energy (flow through GeneSiC Semiconductor Inc.), 2008-2010
  34. Photonically-triggered SiC-GaN and superjunction based high-gain and high-voltage bipolar power transistor, National Science Foundation, 2008-2011
  35. Hybrid-modulation based high power high frequency and scalable SiC polyphase fuel cell inverter for power quality and distributed generation, U.S. National Science Foundation, 2007-2011
  36. Modular and efficient power converter with source ripple-current mitigation, California Energy Commission (flow through US Hybrid), 2008-2009
  37. All-SiC bidirectional dc/dc converter for hybrid electric vehicle, Department of Energy (flow through US Hybrid), 2007-2008
  38. Optically-gated high-power solid-state switch (SiC-OGHSS) for pulsed-power application, Department of Energy (flow through GeneSiC Semiconductor Inc.), 2007-2008
  39. Optically-gated non-latched high gain power device, Office of Naval Research, 2006-2008
  40. Advanced fuel-cell energy management electronics and control for microgrid, Ceramatec Inc., 2006
  41. Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Award) Wireless distributed control of naval advanced electrical power systems (AEPS), Office of Naval Research, 2005-2009
  42. SOFC power electronics control design for solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) based vehicular auxiliary power unit (APU), Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, 2004-2005
  43. Optically-triggered power transistor for photonic electrical power system, Department of Defense (flow through Vegawave Systems), 2005
  44. Decentralized nonlinear controller based SiC parallel dc-dc converter unit (DDCU), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) (flow through Semisouth), 2005
  45. A novel bidirectional power controller for regenerative fuel cells, Department of Energy, 2004-2005
  46. A zero current ripple, energy efficient, and reliable low cost residential and commercial zero emission direct power-conversion system, California Energy Commission, 2004-2005
  47. An investigation to resolve the interaction between fuel cell, power conditioning system and application loads (Phase II), Department of Energy, 2004-2006
  48. Collaborative proposal on optimal-control strategies based on comprehensive modeling and system-interaction analyses for energy-efficient and reduced-emission fuel-cell-energy-conversion technologies for hybrid stationary and non-stationary applications, Environmental Protection Agency, 2004-2007
  49. Sensorless control of motor drives for fly-by-wire vehicle, MRC-Caterpillar, 2003-2004
  50. CAREER: Nonlinear analyses and robust control of interactive power networks using a unified hybrid modeling framework, National Science Foundation, 2003-2009
  51. Wireless smart electronic monitoring unit, Consumer Safety Innovations, 2002
  52. An investigation to resolve the interaction between fuel cell, power conditioning system and application loads (Phase I), Department of Energy, 2002-2003
  53. Education Grant: A laboratory proposal of electrical and computer engineering, College of Engineering, University of Illinois, Chicago, 2007
  54. Equipment Grant: Laser testbed for photonically-switched power device, College of Engineering, University of Illinois, Chicago, 2005
  55. Education Grant: 20 field programmable gate array (FPGA) hardware platforms, Altera Inc., 2004
  56. Education Grant: 6 TMS320C6713 DSP and 1 Code Composer kits, Texas Instruments, 2004
  57. Equipment Grant, Tektronix, 2002